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G'day & Welcome to Boomerangs Down Under

Firstly we thank Australia's Aboriginal peoples who gave boomerangs to the world!

Boomerangs Down Under offers a special opportunity to purchase excellent
Australian-made boomerangs that are crafted from renewable native woods.
They are guaranteed for authenticity and performance by Paul Bryden, former
Australian Boomerang Throwing Champion, see About Us.

For over thirty years Paul Bryden has travelled the outback and other regions to
meet Aboriginal boomerang makers, collect traditional artefacts, and record
information including Dreamtime legends. His research, experience and discoveries
have established him as a leading authority on boomerangs and their history.

Boomerang Throwing is regarded as the world's oldest sport and it originated in the Aboriginal Dreamtime. It was enjoyed by traditional Aboriginal groups whose culture is the oldest continuous culture on the planet. For more amazing facts about Australia's Aboriginal peoples and the story of the boomerang, see Boomerang Heritage.

Take this opportunity to connect with a rich cultural heritage and experience ancient aerodynamics in action with a world class, returning boomerang!

Start clicking and enjoy the flight...


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