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The Boomerangs Down Under range was developed by Paul Bryden Dip. P.E. - former Australian Boomerang Throwing Champion - and is based on over thirty years of making, throwing, research and teaching experience.

Paul's boomerang story began in 1976 while he was teaching at Myuna Bay Sport & Recreation Centre on Lake Macquarie near Newcastle, NSW. During that year he
made his first boomerang, taught hundreds of school children how to throw, and the boomerang became his "window" to Aboriginal culture.

Paul began throwing demonstrations in the 1980s and won his first Australian Championship title in the sport in 1983. He subsequently won six more Australian Championship events and twice represented Australia. He has thrown and taught people to throw in many places including: Easter Island, Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Brazil, France, Germany, England, Netherlands, USA, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, India, Japan, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia. He has been featured on television and in magazines, commercials and tourism videos, and sponsored to
events across the globe. Highlights include:

Performing for 40,000 rugby fans at Bledisloe Cup match
in Auckland, New Zealand

Teaching the Mayors of Sydney and San Francisco
how to throw successfully.

Appearing as "Aussie Show" compere & Mr Boomerang
at Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto.

Entertaining thousands of Incentive Travel Group
corporate achievers to Australia.

Being featured in Sanitarium Corn Flake’s
Australia-wide promotion.

Throwing boomerangs for Sathya Sai Baba in India

In September, 1983 Paul founded Bennelong Boomerangs to teach the fun and
ancient skills of boomerang throwing to international tourist groups. And also to
sell hand-made authentic boomerangs. Between 1987 and 1993 many local and overseas clients visited his specialist Bennelong Boomerang's shop in The Rocks, Sydney and enjoyed teaching sessions at Rushcutters Bay Park and Melvy's Wharf
on the Hawkesbury River.

In January, 1993 the Sydney Cove Authority closed his Boomerang Shop and other businesses for redevelopment.

In December, 1998 Paul founded Boomerangs Down Under - a trading name of Bennelong Boomerangs Pty Ltd - in Alice Springs, Northern Territory where he
supplied boomerangs to local galleries and hosted throwing lessons. He also tutored Aboriginal men in English at Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. In December, 2002 he moved from the outback to Sydney and continued his teaching
and marketing of boomerangs, as well as researching Aboriginal culture.

In October, 2006 Paul made a field trip to Yuendumu in Central Australia to 'pursue'
a Dreamtime Legend, see Boomerang Heritage. While visiting India in November,
2007 he was filmed at Sathya Sai Baba's stadium in Puttaparthi, (see photo below)
and in July, 2008 he launched

Click here for 'How To Throw' video

Meeting Sathya Sai Baba   Catching a sports boomerang
Sai Baba invited Paul to demonstrate throwing to Indian students. (1993)
Photo: Biju Mukund
  Catching a sports boomerang as world spiritual masters look on. (2007)
Photo: Ashram Film Crew


Teaching Mayors to throw   Bledisloe Cup 1991
Teaching the Mayors of Sydney and San Francisco in California. (1990)   Entertaining 40,000 Bledisloe Cup rugby fans in Auckland, New Zealand. (1991)


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